PTminder & PaySmart Integration

PaySmart integrates with PTminder allowing you to run your studio, gym or PT business from one single application. PaySmart is a simple direct debit payment system that allows Australian and New Zealand businesses to collect and manage subscription or periodical payments.

Integrated billing

PaySmart's integrated billing and management software solutions are able to be tailored to perfectly suit Personal Training and it is fully integrated with PTminder making all processes seamless, real time, and reporting available 24/7.This removes the stress from the process of collecting payments, keeps cash flow on track, debtors managed, memberships in sync, and frees you up to focus on what you do best. PaySmart will provide you will all the tools you need to successfully manage and grow your Personal Training Business.
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Full-Service Billing

A Customer Service Centre providing telephone and online support to help answer your questions and to provide assistance with systems and training - for you and your customers.

Greater Flexibility

Help you stabilise and maximise your cash flow. PaySmart collect, clear and pay fees promptly and accurately.

Simple and Hassle-free

Free up your time. Streamline your administrative processes. Helps you build loyalty and long-term productive relationships with your customers.