PTminder & Debitsuccess Integration

Debitsuccess integrates with PTminder allowing you to run your studio, gym or PT business from one single application. For effective direct debit payments for your business, turn to Debitsuccess with PTminder.

Works seamlessly

Debitsuccess works seamlessly with PTminder for direct debit and credit card processing. As one of Australasia's largest full service direct debit initiators across Australia, New Zealand, USA and beyond, Debitsuccess delivers premier experience across e-commerce services for a wide range of industries.Working with a plethora of subscription-based businesses, we're committed to helping you implement user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective direct debit systems to complement your PTminder account. Going above and beyond to help you achieve your business goals, Debitsuccess is your trusted provider for reliable direct debit solutions.

Full-Service Billing

A full-service billing system for collecting recurring direct debit and credit card payments, with integrated transaction processing, customer relationship management, and credit control.

Greater Flexibility

Flexible billing dates tailored to meet your cash flow. A 100-seat call centre supporting all direct debit billing systems and providing professional customer service and assistance whenever you need it.

Simple and Hassle-free

Accreditation that provides you with comprehensive data security and integrity for processing your customers' transactions.
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