Branded Apps

You can have your own branded PTminder mobile app

Boost your business branding. Works on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Branded Mobile Apps add-on

Increase your brand exposure, improve your sales, and retain more clients. We can build custom branded apps for your business (iOS and Android). The app will have your own brand logo and color themes, which we list in the app stores for you under your own name and descriptions. Branded apps add enormous value for your business by giving you more professionalism and a great client experience connecting with your brand.

Branded Apps are a paid add-on in addition to your normal plan (10% saving on annual):
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Branded Apps

Branded Apps include

App Store listing

You get your own dedicated app listing on Apple's App Store and Google Play. This includes your chosen app name, descriptions, screenshots, reviews and download links for your clients.
Custom branding

Custom branding

You provide us with your logo and preferred colors, we then incorporate that into your branded app. The app will look and feel as your own, in line with your own branding.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android

You get two apps built. One is for iPhone & iPad devices, the other is for Android devices. They are identical in every way, but made to be compatible on the two most popular mobile device platforms out there.
Continuous updates

Continuous updates

Everything that the standard PTminder app gets, also gets applied to your branded app. With continuous updates and improvements, your app will automatically stay up to date with the latest and greatest functionality.

The process

Apple Developer Program

Apple Developer Program

Apple require you to have your own Apple Developer Program membership under your company/organization name, so that we can upload your apps to it. Learn more about this here

Apply for Branded Apps

Fill out the PTminder Branded Apps application here. This is where you provide us your logo files, colors, descriptions etc.

We start building your app

We take your logos, colors etc and create your apps, ready for your review.

The app becomes available

We submit your apps in the app stores, once approved it's then ready for your clients to download and use.

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